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We have assembled a box that brings together all your tuck shop favourites. The perfect way to relive your glory school days. This gem contains:

Grape Hubba Bubba Donut

2x Redskin Donut

2x MnM’s Donut

2x Nutella Filled Donut

2x Clinkers Donut

2x Popping Candy Donut

Cinnamon Donut Holes

To top her off we have thrown in a packet of Nerds, Fizzer, Wizz Fizz, Gummy Bears, Sour Worms, Chubba Chups and Rainbow Sour Straps.



Tuck Shop Wonders

  • We will try our best to deliver your box on the date you provide above. However we have a limit to the number of boxes we can produce in a day. If we are booked out on your preferred date, the box will be prepared and dispatched on the next available date.